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Decisive day for Stars in Harare

The national soccer team ‘Taifa Stars’ will be fighting for a place in the next stage of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifiers, as they take on host Zimbabwe in a decisive second leg match at the National Sports Stadium in Harare on Sunday.

Taifa Stars

Taifa Stars

Taifa Stars arrived in Harare on Thursday, a day earlier than scheduled with a delegation of 30 people. Coach Mart Nooij side received a big morale booster following the release of their star players Thomas Ulimwengu and Mbwana Samata by their club TP Mazembe.

The duo are part of the DRC club that is playing in the group stages of the CAF Champions League. They joined the rest of the Taifa Stars squad in Harare on Friday morning and will immediately after the match proceed to Ndola, Zambia, where their club is camping in preparation of their next Champions League assignment against Egypt side Zamalek.

The arrival of Samatta and Ulimwengu was a big relief to the Dutch coach who is aiming to break the team’s 34-year jinx in the continental competition.

Stars need to strike early to pile pressure on the hosts who would then need to reply with not less than three goals under the away goals rule.

Stars last qualified for the finals of the tournament in 1980, but the side has seen substantial improvement in recent years and they have renewed hopes under the Dutch mentor.

Nooij has challenged his charges to secure an important away win against Zimbabwe as they seek to march into the second round of the qualifiers.

Stars might have scrapped through with a solitary John Bocco goal against Zimbabwe Warriors a fortnight ago in the first round, first leg but coach Nooj is taking the return leg match in Harare seriously.

Nooij warned his players against any complacency while playing with the more determined Warriors who saw a clear goal denied in the first leg played at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam.

“We have a tough outing against Zimbabwe who are a very good side and we cannot afford any slip-ups when we face them over the weekend.

It is definitely a daunting task but I always believe nothing is impossible if we can manage to score another early goal then we will have an advantage,” Nooj was quoted by

“I have urged my players to give 100 per cent in this important clash as it’s our only opportunity to proceed to the second round of matches and Tanzania being a football crazy country where fans love the game a lot we would not wish to disappoint them at all, despite facing tricky opponents who fired from all cylinders when we played in the first leg,” Nooij added.

Stars conducted their second training session on Friday afternoon and coach Nooij was not in the mood to engage with the local media. He has covered his plans in secrecy since his arrival in Zimbabwe.

The Taifa Stars beat Malawi in a build-up match at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday with midfielder Amri Kiemba scoring the lone goal in the 36th minute.

On his part, Warriors coach Ian Gorowa said they will be going all out in search of goals today. Zimbabwe are under pressure to overturn the 1-0 defeat if they are to sail through to the next round.

The Warriors, admittedly, have a tall order as their opponents appear to have thoroughly prepared for this first round tie with a series of friendly matches.

However, Gorowa said the Warriors have done their homework following the shock first leg defeat.

Zimbabwe have also beefed up their squad by calling in Libyabased forward Edward Sadomba, who is enjoying good form with Al Ahly Benghazi in the Champions League and Belgium-based midfielder Ovidy Karuru. “We are ready.

I think we have done our preparations so we should be ready by now. We only got one more training session tomorrow and then that’s it.

Winners are almost certain to face Mozambique in the second round. The Mozambicans had a flying start when they thrashed minnows South Sudan 5-0 in their first leg tie and will be looking to wrap up the contest this weekend

Source Tanzania Daily News

Decisive day for Stars in Harare

Climate change to eliminate Tanzania’s island in Indian ocean

As Tanzania joins the rest of the world to mark the World Environment Day (WED) on June, 5 this year, climate change impact is seriously threaterning its small Islands in the Indian Ocean.

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Vice-President’s Office, Ms Angelina Madete

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Vice-President’s Office, Ms Angelina Madete

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Vice-President’s Office, Ms Angelina Madete, told reporters on Saturday that Tanzania is not spared with increasing threats of the climate change as evidence show some Islands won’t survive anymore as water levels of the Indian Ocean keep on raising.

She said Tanzania marks the day whose message this year’s is ‘Raise Your Voice Not the Sea Level’ by calling for major action by both the government, general public and the entire developing world whose efforts to eliminate the deadly effects must be increased.

“We have witnessed a lot of clear negative impacts on our climates due to serious destruction of the environments and this calls for serious increase of more public awareness and education to save the present and future generations,”she said.

Mentioning an example, she pointed out on the sharp increase of the water levels on the Ocean already ‘swallowing’ some small Islands indicating one already taken away as Maziwe in Tanga as an example.

Earlier, the Mwanza Acting Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Baraka Konisaga, said the WED will be marked nationwide in Mwanza calling for the ‘wananchi’ to be engaged in keeping their environments as per international campaigns.

He said the day will be launched on Monday by the Minister of State in the Vice, President’s Office, Dr Bilnith Mahenge, while the climax will be graced by the Vice- President, Dr Mohamed Ghalib, Bilal on Thurday.

He mentioned some of the activities to be done in marking the day as general environmental clearning where a number of industries and factories will be inspected and reminded to keep their premises and the City clean.

According to him, Mwanza and its districts and municipals are maintaining the campaigns by conserving the environments including collaborating with authorities in making sure that Lake Victoria and natural treasures remain safeguarded against all forms of destructions.

By PIUS RUGONZIBWA, Tanzania Daily News

Climate change to eliminate Tanzania’s island in Indian ocean

Cervical cancer cases on the rise in Zanzibar

Members of Zanzibar House of Representatives have been informed that cervical cancer cases was on the increase in the islands.

Zanzibar House of Representatives

Zanzibar House of Representatives

“It is a wake-up call to us help address the problem,” said deputy minister for health Dr Sira Ubwa Mamboya. The deputy minister told the House that statistics show that cervical cancer cases were on the increase in the island. She was answering questions raised by legislators who wanted to know about the disease.

“Ignorance in observing health regulations and hygiene are to blame for the increase. Let us (leaders) raise the awareness,” said Dr Ubwa as she appealed to women to have frequent health check-ups.

Law makers heard the deputy minister say: “statistics indicate that 45,000 women are diagnosized with cervival cancer annually and out of those about 28,000 die.

We need concerted efforts to address this problem to save women.” Sira informed the House that her ministry was conducting survey to find out the extent of the problem and other reasons contributing to cervical cancer contraction in Zanzibar.”

According to the health experts, cervical cancer is a malignant neoplasm arising from cells originating in the cervix uteri. One of the most common symptoms of cervical cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding, but in some cases there may be no obvious symptoms until the cancer has progressed to an advanced stage.

By ISSA YUSSUF, Tanzania Daily News

Cervical cancer cases on the rise in Zanzibar

Einstein African Search to expand to Tanzania

The African Institute for Mathematical Science (AIMS)- Next Einstein Initiative plans to open its fifth centre of excellence for training, research and outreach for young Africans in Tanzania.

President Dr.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete speaks during a closing joint press conference at the end of Summit on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health held at Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto, Canada, this morning. Centre is the Summit Co-Chair and host Canadian Prime Minister Right Honorable Stephen Harper and right is U.N. Secretary General Ban ki Moon.Photo by Freddy Maro.

President Dr.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete speaks during a closing joint press conference at the end of Summit on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health held at Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto, Canada, this morning. Centre is the Summit Co-Chair and host Canadian Prime Minister Right Honorable Stephen Harper and right is U.N. Secretary General Ban ki Moon.Photo by Freddy Maro.

“Tanzania will be our fifth centre and we are proud of what we’ve accomplished to date,” said Mr Neil Turok, AIMS founder and director of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada.

“AIMS has seen 560 Africans graduate with advanced degrees in mathematical sciences and more than a third are women.” The arrangement was finalised at a meeting of top officials from government and AIMS-NEI representatives in Toronto following the Canadian Summit on maternal, newborn and child health.

President Jakaya Kikwete co-chaired the summit with Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. The plan will see the centre open in Tanzania later this year. “We are pleased to bring our concept to Tanzania. We bring together top global scholars in math and science to teach and research with Africa’s brightest students,” said Thierry Zomahoun, executive director of the AIMS Global Secretariat.

“Our graduates then use these skills to tackle African development issues ranging from disease and famine, to environmental degradation, illiteracy and poverty. AIMS graduates have a broad-based training and are talented problem solvers and innovators.”

The expansion is timely as economies in Africa are experiencing phenomenal growth in the first couple of decades of this century. Many countries had seen economic growth rates greater than 4 per cent and these high growth rates are predicted to continue until 2015.

Tanzania has emerged as an economic leader in the East. Its economy at 31.9 billion US dollars grew 7.0 per cent in 2013. Tanzania’s economy is projected to grow by 7.2 per cent to $34.9 billion (USD) in 2014.

As a result, the demand is exploding for a generation of youth that can apply science and math to ensure rapid and stable social and political development.

Yet, only six per cent of post-secondary aged African youth are enrolled in apprenticeships, colleges or universities, compared to the global average of 26 per cent (UNESCO Institute of Statistics, Montreal, 2010).

In Europe and North America the enrollment ratio is as high as 80 per cent. AIMS-NEI is playing a major part in closing this gap in Africa, by opening centres of excellence for training, research and outreach.

The plan is to create a network of 15 centres across Africa graduating more than 1,500 mathematical sciences experts – half will be women – annually by the year 2023.

“We are grateful for the support of the Government of Tanzania for the Next Einstein Initiative,” says Zomahoun. “This support confirms it is part of a growing group of African nations that want to raise Africa’s profile as a continent where science is ennobled and applied to solve global issues.”

He also acknowledged the support from the Government of Canada, through the International Development Research Centre. Turok, a South African-born physicist known for his work in cosmology, developing and testing theories of the big bang, founded AIMS in 2003.

He believes that building capacity in mathematical science is one of the smartest ways to contribute to Africa’s development, by investing directly in talented young people, in an efficient, transparent and highly cost-effective way. Mathematics underlies every modern technology from plumbing to electricity, smartphones to satellites.

Its applications range from modelling and planning for economics, communications, transport, energy and health. Yet, it is also completely cross-cultural and free to share.

Mathematical science is the foundation for development. Many AIMS graduates have gone on to leading positions in civil institutions and NGOs, as well as in universities, research centres and companies across Africa.

Source Tanzania Daily News

Einstein African Search to expand to Tanzania

Turk Minister commits to supporting orphans

Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ahmet Davutoglu, officially launched an orphanage that will accommodate 110 orphans at Vingunguti area in Ilala Municipality in Dar es Salaam Region.

Turkey's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ahmet Davutoglu

Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ahmet Davutoglu

Speaking on Friday during the launch, Mr Davutoglu said his country will continue to support orphans and persons with albinism, as there are many of them living in difficult circumstances.

“There are so many orphans and children with albinism who need to be taken care of. We will build a complex for these children with special needs that will accommodate 500 of them,” he said.

The orphanage erected to the tune of 165m/- was built by the Turkish International Cooperation Development Agency (TIKA), in collaboration with some individuals in Tanzania.

Speaking at the same event, the Director of the centre Mr Mohamed Wage, thanked the government of Turkey for their assistance.

“We thank them for their compassionate heart and we pray to God that they continue with this spirit of helping these orphans as there so many who need help,” he said.

The minister is in the country on an official visit and he was accompanied by Turkey’s Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Ali Davutoglu and other top official from Turkey.

During the launch food and other important items were distributed. Earlier on the minister addressed the Turkish Maritime Task Group (TMTG) who had docked at the Dar es Salaam port since Wednesday for a three-day port visit, before proceeding with their trip to other African countries.

“The TMTG fleet consists of four Task Force ships. This deployment is not just a navigational exercise around Africa. It is also a powerful application of Turkish soft power to Africa.

Over the last decade Turkey has realised that there is more to Africa than just the Mediterranean countries where Turkey had links for centuries,” said TMTG Commander Mr Ali Dede during a press conference in one of the ship board. During the visit, various high-ranking Turkish officers held talks with their counterparts in Tanzania.

Later, last night, the Turkish military brass band performed during a concert alongside their Tanzanian counterparts at the residence of the Turkish Ambassador to Tanzania. They got a standing ovation when they performed songs in Kiswahili.

By LAWRENCE RAPHAELY, Tanzania Daily News

Turk Minister commits to supporting orphans

Govt to incorporate Haydom Lutheran Hospital soon

Health experts in Haydom Lutheran Hospital in Mbulu District, Manyara Region, will be incorporated in the state’s employment system, the Regional Administration Secretary (RAS), Mr Omary Chambo, has announced.

Regional Administration Secretary (RAS), Mr Omary Chambo

Regional Administration Secretary (RAS), Mr Omary Chambo

The move comes a day after the management of the hospital appealed to the government through Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Secretary General, Mr Abdulrhaman Kinana, to incorporate the health experts in the hospital into the state’s employment system for them to acquire permanent and pensionable occupation.

The CCM Chief is in the region for an 8-day tour to inspect development projects set by the government in view of the implementation of CCM 2010 Manifesto. In line with that, the government has increased its budget to the hospital from 200m/- per year to 320m/-.

During a meeting between the hospital’s management and health providers last Tuesday, the Secretary of the Hospital, Mr Joseph Saibulu appealed to the government to increase its budget contribution to the hospital from 200m/- to 500m/-. “The government will continue increasing its budget to the hospital up to 1bn/-in the near future,” noted Mr Chambo.

He was speaking during a visit by CCM Chief to Manyara Regional Hospital on last Friday. Over 65 health providers had planned to move from the hospital in search of permanent and pensionable employment opportunities.

However, Mr Chambo asked the health providers with the plans not to move from the hospital, as the government works out to incorporate them into the state’s employment system.

“The government has agreed to employ over 90 health experts in the hospital,” he said, adding that more health providers are expected to be employed.

The hospital whose main budget depends on Norway government is insufficient as the donor decreases their facilitation.

According to Mr Saibulu, the funds from Norway have reduced from 70 per cent since 55 years to 30 per cent and 52 per cent in 2014. Mr Saibulu said that the funds are expected to reduce to 30 per cent in the near future.

By ANNE ROBI, Tanzania Daily News

Govt to incorporate Haydom Lutheran Hospital soon

Guard water sources, villagers cautioned

Magu District Commissioner, (DC) Ms Jacqueline Liana, has directed leaders in the district to ensure that water projects are protected and used wisely.

The DC made these remarks during the handing over ceremony of a water well at Muda Village in Nyanguge ward donated by Compassion Tanzania, an American non-governmental organisation (NGO).

She said Compassion Tanzania facilitated the construction of the well and called upon villagers to ensure the well is protected. “It will be a shame to us if the develpoment partner comes back only to find the well is out of order.

That would ultimately discourage other development partners from investing in similar projects,” she warned. She commended Compassion Tanzania’s Finance- Compliance Auditor, Mr David Brammer, for leading the drive that raised funding for more than 20 wells in Magu District so far.

Mr Brammer commended Magu District for working closely with his NGO during the implementation of water project in the district. “I would like to commend the district for supporting me on various issues related to this programme in the district,” he said.

Nyanguge Ward Councillor, Mr Elisha Hilali, praised the organisation for its support of ending water blues in the ward where 2,400 households accessed clean water in the village.

He asked for the spirit of cooperation to continue since there were so many other village that are still in need of necesarry social services. Present at the handing over ceremony was Maswi Drilling Construction Limited Executive Director, Michael Maungo, whose company constructed the wells.

He said his company will continue working with Compassion Tanzania to ensure that water projects in the district are implemented on time.

By Nashon Kennedy, Tanzania Daily News

Guard water sources, villagers cautioned